The best events near me

‘’Nocto, a nightlife social media app that helps to find the best events near me’’ - Blendi Qorry. Nocto is a recent revelation to the entertainment industry. Our motto? Know before you go! There are so many options and surprisingly so little real-time information. This makes it hard to be in the right place at the right time. Nobody wants to miss that event where everyone talks about, right?! Have you ever typed in something like “the best events near me” into Google? That will not be needed anymore after you downloaded nightlife social media app Nocto!

This blog explains the concept along with how and why it came to be.


Could not find the best events near me
Founder & CEO David Franzén could not find the best events while studying at the Rotterdam School of Management. With a nightlife social media app as a result.

“I was interested in the nightlife scene and asked myself: why are people spending time, money and energy to find the best events and still sometimes being disappointed? There must be a way to know what is going on around me in real time and to not be limited to what my friends are doing. Besides that, I could not find the best events near me in Rotterdam.

- David Franzén, CEO

Nocto tackles the problem of inefficient event discovery. Nocto created a healthy nightlife ecosystem where people help each other to find the best events for them. A system where people post pictures and videos and share them with like-minded and strangers. Adding a functional reward system for sharing experiences is what motivates people to post content in Nocto’s nightlife social media app. After downloading Nocto, you will not say: ‘’I could not find the best events near me’’, ever again.


The best events nearby
Do you want to search for the best events nearby, then Nocto app is there to help you. When you open the app, you will start at the location-based event list. This event list shows all events on time and place relevance. This means you see events by date and distance from you.

You can click on an event for more info. When you do, you immediately get a route to the bar, club, restaurant or hotel where the event is hosted. Date, price, minimum age, time and a description will be shown here also. Besides that, there are four integrations that help you make to most out of your night.

  • You can go to Google Maps
  • You can book an Uber right away
  • You can share the event with friends
  • You can go to the Facebook page

Now you know how to find the best events nearby. But how do I search for events happening in a city nearby? You can do this in two different ways. 1). In the search function, you easily name the city where you want more info about. The app will drop your Pin in that city and show you the insights, events and venues there. Green pins indicate a specific event is on tonight! To discover the venues in another city, you can zoom out, find the city and hold press to drop the Pin.

How to find the best events?
Looking for something to do in your area. At Nocto, we do not think you can find the best events with an event list only. But how to find the best events?

Today, we find ourselves bombarded with notification emails, text messages, social media alerts, and even phone calls. Some of them, we chose to receive and some of them we don’t even recognize. This is all driven by a transformation in how we communicate and act. The many means of notification are part and parcel of a world where the speed of information, and reaction, has become paramount. That is not only in our personal lives but also in the business world.

Notifications are a key building block in this new event-driven and data-driven paradigm. Notifications provide the ability for services and applications to communicate information in real time, not only to move data but also to trigger actions for users and applications. Whether the technology supporting those notifications is an enterprise service bus, a message queue, or a messaging backbone, notifications act as the glue between different applications for processing and acting on data.

The speed of information trend is where Nocto comes in to find the best events. Nocto created an Insights feed where people can share pictures and videos when they are within 100 meters of a venue. Since everybody in a 10-kilometer radius can see the pictures and videos, real-time information is provided. Whether you are a local, new in town or just cruising through, Nocto can help you find the place to be. This way people help each other to find the best events nearby.


Do you want to improve your nights out?
“Be at the right place, at the right time and be rewarded for helping others.”

Check out our website www.noctoapp.com or contact us at info@noctoapp.com for any questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback!