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The connection between brands and consumers has never been closer than what we see today. 1 out of 3 consumers would mention a brand while sharing on social media. Brands are realizing the impact of social engagement and creating lasting relationships instead of just treating social as a platform to advertise their products. It is absolutely essential to keep followers and customers happy. Nightlife social media app Nocto creates a healthy nightlife ecosystem where you get rewarded for social engagement.

Imagine this:

It’s Saturday night, you feel like going out. Then you ask your friends the recurring questions:

Where are we going tonight? Are we again going to the city centre? Which bars are busy and how is the atmosphere? Or should we go to a club this time? Do you know what kind of music they play? Ohh, and how much is the entrance fee today?

So many questions to answer..

Later that night, you went to the suggested bar of one of your friends. You have paid the entrance fee of €15,- and you walk in. This is when you discover that the attendance, atmosphere and the music are not as great as you expected. ☹

What if there was a free nightlife social media app that help you make an informed decision?!


Social nightlife app

Our social nightlife app helps you make the most out of your night. Nocto optimizes nightlife by helping people with making an informed decision about where to go out. Based on time and place relevance, it shows you the best bars, clubs and events near you. How? This is possible due to a location-based event list. Check the venues around you or drop your pin in the city you want to go to.

An event list is cool, but real-time information is king. In the Insights-feed people have the possibility to share photos and videos through the app. Sharing experiences in the form of photos and videos (Insights) is something people already do, but only to friends. Why are we not sharing Insights with people who are looking for that content? In Nocto, people help like-minded strangers to find the perfect place for them.

In social nightlife app Nocto, people share Insights with people in a 10-kilometer radius. So even when you and I do not know each other, we can still help each other. The social aspect of the app is extremely helpful when you are discovering a city where you are not familiar yet. Do not make the mistake of showing up to the wrong scene. Teamwork makes the dream work! Besides the benefit for the people, there is a huge benefit for the venues, since people are promoting venues to their target audience. This is how a win-win situation is created.


The best nightlife app

In the best nightlife app, people help each other improve their nights out. For the people, there have to be an incentive to share experiences, this is why Nocto rewards you for posting high-quality and appreciated photos and videos. Once you are within 100 meters of a venue, you can share Insights of the terrace, bar, people, drinks or whatever you believe captures the atmosphere that you would like to share with others.

Nocto created their own in-app digital nightlife token that people earn by contributing to the app. When you download the app you start with 3 Nocs. For every 10 likes on your Insight, you get rewarded with 1 Noc. For every friend that joins the community by downloading the app, you earn 3 Nocs. This is what makes Nocto unique in comparison with other nightlife apps.

Nobody looks back on their lives and think about the nights they have had plenty of sleep. We want our lives to be unforgettable. We want to discover ourselves and strangers. We all dream of letting go. We dream of finding the right people to share our dreams with. Together we believe in good vibes only. Nights should not crash because you do not have the right information. We all have the feeling of getting the most out of our nights. Let's create a community where we all help each other. This is Nocto’s dream. This is our dream. Find it, enjoy it, share it, love it!


Digital nightlife token

Nocto integrated their own digital nightlife token - the Noc. The Noc is a unit that can be earned by contributing to the community and can be spent in bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels on deals. This token can be seen as a user reward point. This is to motivate people to share photos and videos in the Nocto app. We motivate people to post high-quality insights by rewarding them with extra tokens. This way, the venues are promoted well and people who are looking for the right place for them are better informed. Besides that, venues have the possibility to reward you as well. When a venue sees that someone is actively promoting their venue, they can offer you free entrance, cocktails or more.

In your Noc wallet in your profile, you have an overview of your earned Nocs and where you have spent your Nocs. Having Nocs is great, but spending your digital nightlife tokens on deals is even better. Bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels can decide what kind of deals they offer in exchange for Nocs. Deals can range from drinks, entrances, queue skips, backstage access, meet & greets, VIP tables, balloons, shisha, and more. When you would like to get a deal, you have to ask the bartender or staff to swipe the deal. Very easy and very quick.


Do you want to improve your nights out?
“Be at the right place, at the right time and be rewarded for helping others.”

Check out our website www.noctoapp.com or contact us at info@noctoapp.com for any questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback!